Mining HR & Recruitment Specialists Association

Welcome to the Mining HR & Recruitment Specialists Association

The MHRRSA is in the process of becoming a community of independent specialists in the field of human resources and recruitment within the Mining Industry. We provide networking opportunities to enable relationship building, information sharing and collaboration among members for the benefit of our clients, employers and one another.

From its recent origin, the MHRRSA is working on bringing people together. It is a forum where everyone (on an individual or corporate level) with a professional interest in best practice and innovation in Human Resources & Recruitment within the Mining Industry can meet, hear  and share the latest news, trends and developments.

Membership of the Mining HR & Recruitment Specialists Association makes a powerful statement about you and your organisation, and about the high standards to which you, and we, aspire.

The very fact of being a MHRRSA Member is increasingly meaningful and respected by those you come into professional contact with every working day.


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